Casino gokkasten gids and Music Link Love Festival link up

The Music Link Love Festival

Music Link Radio is not an ordinary radio station, but we always work on improvement. This is the reason why we have decided to organize our first benefit music event on the Piccadilly Circus in the center of London. The event will be named after the one thing that brings people together: Music Link Love Festival. During this event, we will raise money for the people in England who are needed it the most. By the end of the festival we would like to donate all of the collected money to the handicapped people in our society. With this money, they can buy and provide medical needs and products that can improve their life on a daily basis.

The Music Link Love Festival will be held in the Christmas period and our most famous DJs will be locked down in a small radio station during this period. They will be playing non stop music for the audience and the vibe around this radio station will be amazing. They often will be visited by many famous artists who will also perform on a small stage next to the radio station. If you would like to request a song, a small donation will be needed before they can accept it. This is one of the ways the DJ’s will collect donations as a charity. Next to that, we will collect money by a special auction that will be held during this period. The auction will consist special activities that are needed to be executed by our local DJ’s. Keep on listening to our radio station to find out more about the secret tasks.

Thanks to our biggest sponsor, Mr. de Jong of casino gokkasten gids, we could develop our custom made radio station, which is also movable and will be set up by the end of the year! Mr. de Jong made sure we received enough money to set up the festival as much as we can. The process of The Music Link Love Festival will be broadcasted by the biggest news producers in the United Kingdom. One of the many artists that will be performing is Demi Cadillac and will be on stage on Christmas eve. Everyday you will see the biggest DJ’s visiting the radio station and the program is extremely exciting.

You can find the first information in the casino gokkasten gids, which will be spread by the end of this month. After this publication, a lot of advertisements and marketing activities will follow. We can’t say too much about this event yet, since is it very new and secret at the same time. However, we can tell you that we’ve already arranged many good facilities for our audience. During the festival, you will find the best food trucks, Bars and even lounge spots to warm up a little bit from the freezing cold. Casino gokkasten gids has claimed that they will announce more extras in just a few weeks. Stay tuned and listen to our radio station for more details. We will update our listeners everyday about the building process, collaborations and our charity program!