Lend Music Link Radio a Helping Hand

While the ultimate goal at Music Link Radio is to offer programming 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, this cannot happen without the assistance and generosity of the London area. Whether it’s working as a host, technician, volunteer, or intern, Music Link Radio is always looking to hire quality, talented individuals to work at the station.

Volunteer at Music Link Radio

For youngsters looking to see what happens at Music Link Radio behind the scenes, why not apply to be a volunteer? As a volunteer, you can meet and hang out with the talented hosts and voices that make Music Link Radio one of the most popular stations in London. Volunteers also play an important role in keeping the station turning. From food and drinks to other logistical manners, volunteering is a fantastic way to give back and learn some valuable information about how radio works.

Intern With Music Link Radio

For high school and university age students looking to start a career in media, interning at Music Link Radio is a great way to get started. Work with the talented producers, radio show hosts, and technicians that keep Music Link Radio going. In addition to watching and observing how radio is produced, interns will get to sit down and meet with a wide variety of employees at Music Link Radio to gain valuable one on one lessons from some of the premier minds in radio. From learning about program production, technical dissemination, and acquiring the latest music hits, Music Link Radio is dedicated to educated the future of radio. For those interested in interning at Music Link Radio, contact us today. Interns are an important part of Music Link Radio and play an important role in keeping the station going.

Careers At Music Link Radio

Music Link Radio is looking for talented and experienced radio show hosts, technicians, and producers. We can’t fill 24 hours of time with quality radio programming without some talented individuals. For those looking to take their radio career to the next level, reach out to us at MBI radio today for more information. With a competitive salary and great benefits, see why so many people have turned to Music Link Radio for their careers.

Donate to Music Link Radio

Do you enjoy our programming? Consider donating to our fantastic stations as a show of gratitude. In exchange, you can hear your name over the airwaves every week when we thank our generous donors. Consider donating!