Who Are We?

At Music Link Radio, the brains behind the fantastic radio are Lotte Kensington and David Benson. Both of these individuals are from the United Kingdom and bring a wide variety of experience and education to Music Link Radio.

Lotte Kensington

Lotte Kensington has been a lifelong resident of London, UK. Growing up in the London area, Lotte Kensington quickly realized that his passion was for music and media production. Lotte Kensington fostered this interest during his childhood, parking himself by the radio in his home frequently to listen to some of the greatest radio stars of prior years. There, Lotte Kensington has inspired to pursue his passion further. He went to school and studied media production at the highest quality institutions, earning an education that he could put to work in a metropolitan area such as London. In school, he was the leader of his university’s radio program, which quickly became the most popular program at the university. Lotte Kensington brings the latest and greatest ideas in radio production to Music Link Radio.

David Benson

David Benson originally comes from Liverpool, UK, the home of the Beatles. David Benson started working with radio programs at a young age. He spent his summers interning at local Liverpool radio stations, gaining valuable experience learning from the current hosts of some of the most popular local programs in Liverpool. There, he learned how to produce morning programs, spin the latest hits, and mix up the programming to keep a wide variety of viewers entertained. He learned about the hard work and dedication it takes to keep a radio station going. After learning from some of the most experienced radio hosts, he received a radio show of his own. As the lead man in Liverpool, he got to try his hand running his own radio show, taking it to one of the most successful programs in Liverpool. Now, David Benson brings his talents to the metropolitan area of London and Music Link Radio. His impressive experience in Liverpool has quickly made Music Link Radio one of the most popular stations in London.

A Team Atmosphere

MBI Radio is successful because of the team atmosphere that Lotte Kensington and David Benson foster. By surrounding Music Link Radio with a mix of talented, young individuals and experienced veterans, Music Link Radio has a unique atmosphere that is necessary for generating the impressive variety of programs that this station offers.