Why Listen to MBI Radio?

Fantastic Morning Shows

Lotte Kensington and David Benson spice up the commute every morning, mixing in the latest hits and classic songs with news from the day before and morning contests that make everyone laugh. Whether it’s the latest antics from the United States Presidential Election, the results from sporting events last evening, or the latest pop culture news coming out of the entertainment industry, Lotte Kensington and David Benson will make sure that everyone has a comfortable drive in. Furthermore, listen to the morning show to hear some of the most jaw-dropping stories from entertaining callers that share their stories from their night out! Don’t miss Kensington and Benson in the morning.

The Informative Lunch Hour

Many people simply want to tune in for something educational while enjoying their lunch. Every day, Music Link Radio features a news program about one of the major issues facing the London area that everyone should tune in and learn from. For the people who want to stay up-to-date on the latest legislation in Parliament or the new construction projects that make London one of the greatest cities on Earth, tune in to the Lunch Hour

Important Traffic Information

Everyone knows that the London area can have some of the most mind-blowing traffic on the planet. Music Link Radio knows that time in the car isn’t productive. People would rather be spending that time with their loved ones. Tune in to Music Link Radio for the latest information on traffic stops, car accidents, and construction zones to you can plan to avoid these areas and get to your destination faster. Time is valuable. Don’t waste it screaming at the car in front of you moving at a snail’s pace.

We Reward Our Listeners

On top of these great morning shows, we know that loyalty is important. That’s why we reward our listeners with fantastic prizes. Every day, certain code words are released during the course of the day. At some point, the radio station will instruct listeners to call in with the code word. One lucky caller will be selected to win a fantastic prize. Whether it’s concert tickets, a vacation getaway, or cash prize, everyone will want to pay attention to have a shot at winning the contest! Visit My Link Radio to see what kinds of fantastic prizes are being offered.

Commercial Free Drive at Five

For that awful commute home after a long day of work, take advantage of Music Link Radio’s commercial free Drive at 5. This is an hour of uninterrupted pop hits from today that everyone can relax and enjoy while struggling through that classic London Traffic. Unlike other radio stations who play commercials non-stop, Music Link Radio knows that listeners come and tune in for the music. Therefore, we give listeners what they want. Don’t worry about having to scream at both the traffic and the incessant radio commercials. Tune in to Music Link Radio at 5 PM every day for an hour of non-stop music.

Innovative Remixes at Night

Just because the workday is over doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop there. Music Link Radio works with some of the most popular DJs to provide listeners with a unique spin on the latest hits from the greatest stars. Tune in to My Link Radio in the club to enjoy the work of the Music Link Radio DJs who will make sure there is a fantastic beat to dance to.

24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

It doesn’t matter what time of day listeners tune in to Music Link Radio, this stations always has something going on. Whether it’s the middle of the work day, during a commute home or to work, or the middle of the night, everyone can listen to Music Link Radio and enjoy quality programming. Feel free to listen and different times of day to see what’s happening at Music Link Radio.